BUSINESS SERVICES (costs covered by U7 funding)

Results Driven Marketing - Free one-on-one business marketing and communications consulting, (web based and traditional techniques, and with an emphasis on customized small business products at no cost to low-cost to the small business.

On-site Business Consulting – Professional specialist in all business areas; with a focus on financial health consultations (budgeting, cash flow projections and scenario planning).

Business Resource Center and Business Planning Center – Computer access and free consulting services and information on all business related issues at the Rondo Community Library and the SBC Business Planning Center (nearer to Hwy. 280).

Small Business Workshops – Many business topics available for free at Rondo Community Library, including but not limited to: 

 • Marketing (accounting, marketing, branding, online advertising) 

 • Website development

 • Demographic analysis

 • Recordkeeping

 • Cash flow projection, and

 • A new workshop titled: “Survive LRT – A Ten Step Guide”

Financing – Working capital (5.5%) interest rate, business expansion and real estate financing (interest rates TBD).

Grants – Marketing and façade improvement grants.